Guildford Festival Results

Well done LESTA Performers! You are ALL really working hard at your dances and the hard work is starting pay off. Here are the results of the last festival of this dance year:

2nd place – Annabelle Mount Ballet solo
4th place – Anthony Downer Tap solo
1st place – Olivia Woodham Trophy and through to All England with your Song and Dance Solo
3rd place – Keira Edwards Libby Ingram Natasha Fletcher with Song and Dance Trio
2nd place – Laura Hardy Victoria Wright Ella Fenwick Olivia Woodham Modern Quartet
1st place – Victoria Wright improvisation
Joint 3rd place – Ella Fenwick and Olivia Woodham improvisation
2nd place – Libby Ingram improvisation
3rd place – Snr Group and through to All England

Emma Guildford# Victoria Improvisation Sophie Honey Chloe Guildford Snr Group Guildford S&D Trio Guildford Olivia Woodham Guildford Libby Ingram Guildford Anthony Guildford festival Annabele Emma Chloe Guildford


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